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Fatal truck crash on Highway 26 in Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents may have noticed an increase in traffic in the past few months. A surge of commerce in the state has lead to many trucks driving on the roads. Delivery trucks form a significant portion of this traffic. As the number of trucks on the roadways increase, so does their involvement in accidents. Accidents involving trucks can be fatal to victims due to the size of commercial trucks. People involved in truck accidents may face life-threatening injuries or even death. Recently, a man was killed after a head-on collision with a truck.

According to officials, a delivery truck driver lost control of his vehicle on State Highway 26 in Wisconsin. Reportedly, he lost control due to road conditions. The truck collided with an oncoming car. This head-on truck crash caused the death of the car driver. The road was closed for five hours to facilitate the officials' investigation of the accident.

Sometimes, truck driver negligence or fatigue may be the reason for a crash. The law requires that truck drivers take adequate rest between trips. However, drivers facing deadlines may not always follow these rules, and this may lead to accidents. The law also requires that information about vehicle maintenance and driver logs be kept. This ensures that the trucking company follows the law, and that any negligence on the part of the trucking company is avoided.

Non-compliance with state trucking laws or negligence of the truck driver may cause serious injuries or even the death of innocent victims. These victims may claim compensation in such cases. The person may seek medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Road accidents can be devastating, not only for those involved in the accident but also for their loved ones. Sometimes, truck accidents may cause the death of a loved one. The family of a victim in a fatal truck accident may file a lawsuit for damages against the trucking company. As with lawsuits involving non-compliance, the family may claim medical expenses, funerals costs, loss of income and other related expenses.

Source: wrn.com, "Driver dead in Winnebago Co. crash," Feb. 19, 2013

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